Are you looking to kickstart your career with flexibility and autonomy while building the skills to pay the bills?

Join the RNVNTD fellowship to apprentice as a learning engineer while working with companies and brands reinventing education.


What You Get

Work With Dope Companies
We go out and find innovative schools, companies, and brands reinventing education and feature a new one via a drop each week. Check out the latest one below.
Build Transferrable Skills
Learning Engineers help teams design, develop, assess, and iteratively improve digital learning experiences. This means you will build skills at the intersection of UX Design x DataResearch x Systems.
Learn & Earn To Match Your Lifestyle
You'll be working and earning as an apprentice, with a solid starting comp for the initial 3 months, with an opportunity to convert to well-paid gig (minimum time half time, up to 'full-time').

Schools Reinventing The Future

The Future of Learning is Fluid
The Freedom School of Arts and Entrepreneurship is an all boys school in Fort Worth, Texas set to open Fall 2022. While the school is designed to specifically cater to the needs of Black boys, all students are welcome. Through a S.T.E.A.M driven curriculum FSAE hopes to create a future of learning that is truly fluid.

FSAE chose this blue to represent the fluidity and flexibility of the ideal journey that is the learning process. The heel of their sneaker features the words "Be Free" as a reminder to students that learning belongs to them and that it is the key to becoming free.
The Future of Learning is [           ]
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What Fellows Say

RNVNTD allowed me to flex my business & analytics skills while building new design skills. I'm going to use everything I learnt during the fellowship to launch my own online creator business.

Mike Yates
Learning Engineer at
Alpha, TFA and more

What I learnt as a RNVNTD Learning Engineer helped me reimagine learning experiences that help people unlock their creativity and build in an intergenerational community.

Yusuf Ahmad
CEO at Samba

The opportunity to work as a learning engineer with Rooted Schools in Seattle allowed me to have impact on kids and help them build centralized systems across regions while also empowering local teams to adapt & extend these tools.

Aditi Garg
Senior Managing Director,
Reinvention at Teach For America